Important: The first and second parts of the General Assembly is scheduled for Monday, 17 July, during the day. It consists of a short Opening and the statutory parts of ITI: the approval of the reports and financial issues, the election of the Executive Council and the approval of the Director General. The International projects that need the approval of the General Assembly are as well presented during the first day.
Monday, 17 July, 9.00 to ca. 10.00
Location: IE University

The third part of the General Assembly is scheduled for Saturday, 22 July, in the morning. This consists of the presentation of the new Executive Council, the ITI Programmes 2017-2010, the presentation of the plans of all the Committees, Networks, Forums and Project Groups and discussions about the motions and declarations.
Saturday, 22 July, 9.00 to 12.30
Location: IE University

The first and second part of the General Assembly (on Monday) is organized for the Head of Delegations of all the Centres. Any delegates, artists, students and leaders of the Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts, guests and observers are welcome to join. The third part of the General Assembly is for everybody. There will be presentations as well as motions and declarations that will be discussed and agreed upon.