The 35th ITI World Congress will take place in Segovia, Spain. It is an ideal place for holding a Congress, as it is small city with narrow pedestrian lanes, hotels and restaurants, a big university that can be used as the location for the Congress Opening, the general assembly and meetings, with a multitude of venues indoors and outdoors. What’s more there is also a large variety of hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars, with beautiful parks – most of them in walking distance.

Moreover the mayor and the municipality of Segovia have recognized the value of culture for the development of their city.

Segovia is located on the plains of the Old Castile; near Valladolid and the Spanish capital, Madrid.

In 1985 the old city of Segovia and its aqueduct were declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The majority of Segovia's attractions are found in the Old Town, which contains a multitude of historic buildings both civil and religious. Among the most important monuments in the city are: The Aqueduct of Segovia, the Alcazar of Segovia (the castle), the Segovia Cathedral and the Walls of Segovia. While discovering the top attractions, wander the narrow pedestrian lanes to find artisan boutiques, cafés, confectionary shops, and plenty of restaurants.