The General Secretariat of ITI, together with the team of the Spanish Centre of ITI, is working hard on the visa issue. The list of people who need a visa has been communicated to the office of consular affairs in Spain, and will hopefully greatly assist your Visa applications. In case of difficulties for your visa, your consular or embassy should contact the office in Madrid (Dirección General de Españoles en el Exterior y de Asuntos Consulares y Migratorios). Here are the contact numbers: +34 91 379 17 15, +34 91 379 17 16. If you have any questions regarding your visa application process, please contact the person from Spanish centre rufino.sanchez(at)

Time is limited now, please do not hesitate to contact the General Secretariat team if you have any difficulty, we will do our best to help you.

Procuring a visa may take time and is not always easy. Please be aware of that. We have put the registration for those who need a visa quite early, because for members of some countries to get a visa is a long procedure: 1 May 2017.

For requests for visas that arrive after 1 May 2017 neither the Spanish Centre nor ITI are giving a guarantee that you may receive a visa on time.

The best is to contact the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in your country and find out if you need a visa, and if yes, what you have to provide. If there is no Spanish Embassy in your country, you have to find out where someone from your country can obtain a visa for Spain.

Furthermore Spain is part of Schengen. But you have to ask the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in your country, if you can travel to Spain, because there are exceptions to the Schengen visa that may apply to your country.

As a rule of thumb you need a passport that is valid until six months after your entrance to a country (for the Congress it means until 23 January 2018) and you need six free pages in the passport.