International Theatre Institute in conjunction with the Young Practitioners Committee, Taiwo Afolabi and Lloyd Nyikadzino.

One of our primary goals for this ITI Congress is to make it the most youth orientated in our history.

In pursuit of this, the International Theatre Institute, in cooperation with Lloyd Nyikadzino and Taiwo Afolabi of the Young Practitioner’s Committee, have set about trying to attract and involve young people in our Congress in the best way we can.

We hope that this will help to introduce young people to the ITI family, and stimulate our Congress with a new and youthful perspective.

One of our initiatives to achieve our goal has been to invite and fund the attendance of 19 Young Practitioners from all over the world. Not only will these young people be free to get involved in our Congress in any way they can, but there will also be youth orientated Workshops put on for them, and many will provide the environs of Segovia City with colour, by given specially provided Micro-Performances around our Congress site.

A Strong Voice for the Young: Students and Young Practitioners at the 35th ITI World Congress, in Segovia
The International Theatre Institute (ITI) has taken different initiatives to bring performing arts students and young professionals to the Congress in Segovia.
1) The three-day Student Festivals, 14 to 16 July, is bringing students from Africa, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe to Segovia. They are showing performances at the Student Festival and working on joint-performances that will be presented Friday, 21 July, afternoon, in La Carcel.
2) Travel and hosting grants have been offered by ITI to young performing arts professionals, in collaboration with the Municipality of Segovia and the Spanish Centre of ITI.
3) The ITI Centres were asked to include young practitioners in their delegation.
4) Some of the young people are showing their artistic values through micro-performances in the Congress locations and the city.
With this joint effort, ITI wants to bring the voice of the young to the Congress and to ITI. The intention is that the young are heard and respected, so that they are fully integrated into ITI and so that their visions, ideas and needs can be included in the future projects and strategies of ITI.
The initiatives for the young have been made possible by ITI, the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts, the Young Practitioners´ Committee (YPC, Taiwo Afolabi and Lloyd Nyikadzino), the Municipality of Segovia and the Spanish Centre of ITI.

The Student Festival is showing performances from Bangladesh, China, India, the Philippines, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland and the USA The invited Young Practitioners are:
Nina KRIŽAN (Croatia):
Amandine AUDINOT (France):
Giorgia CIAMPI (Italy):
Sayik SADIQEE (Bangladesh):
Joppe SVENSSON (Sweden):
Amit ZARKA (Israel):
Lea KUKOVIČIČ (Slovenia):
Finlay ROSS RUSSELL (United Kingdom):
Anuki KVINAKADZE (Georgia):
Hope KAAHWA (Uganda):
Ornella TCHUIGNANG (Cameroon):
Jeferson FAGUNDES (Brazil):
Amanda RANGANAWA (Zimbabwe):
Niresha Mayuree WEERASEKERA (Sri Lanka):
Buddhi Nirmal WEERASEKERA (Sri Lanka):
Yolane KOCHER (France):
Anushka VAZE (India):
Zubin KHETANI (India):
Tanmayee AMBEKAR (India):

Most of them are showing a performance during their stay in Segovia.
All the students and young practitioners may participate in the workshops of the Congress and attend the performances and presentations. Most of the students and young practitioners are hosted for the full time of the Congress from 13 to 23 July.