History of the ITI World Congress

ITI World Congresses have been held all over the world: 1948 was the founding Congress, held in Prague. The Congress was held 26 times in Europe, 4 times in Asia Pacific and 5 times in the Americas. It started as an annual event, became biannual, and most recently has been held every three years. Each Congress is organized by the local, hosting Centre, ITI (General Secretariat with assistance of the Executive Council and a task force), and sometimes also with the municipality of the location and additional organizations.

An ITI World Congress is held for the members of ITI and for the members of the performing arts. So far there has never been a registration fee.

ITI World Congresses 1948-2017

1948     Prague, Czechoslovakia, now Czech Republic
1949     Zurich, Switzerland
1951     Paris, France
1952     Oslo, Norway
1953     The Hague, The Netherlands
1955     Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, now Croatia
1959     Athens, Greece
1960     Helsinki, Finland
1961     Vienna, Austria
1963     Warsaw, Poland
1965     Tel Aviv, Israel
1967     New York, USA
1969     Budapest, Hungary
1971     London, United Kingdom
1973     Moscow, USSR, now Russia
1975     Berlin West, Germany FR, now Germany
1977     Stockholm, Sweden
1979     Sofia, Bulgaria
1981     Madrid, Spain
1983     Berlin, German DR, now Germany
1985     Montreal & Toronto, Canada
1987     Havana, Cuba
1989     Helsinki, Finland
1991     Istanbul, Turkey
1993     Munich, Germany
1995     Caracas, Venezuela
1997     Seoul, Korea Republic
2000     Marseille, France
2002     Athens, Greece
2004     Tampico, Mexico
2006     Manila, Philippines
2008     Madrid, Spain
2011     Xiamen, China
2014     Yerevan, Armenia
2017     Segovia, Spain