A Regional Council is a joint venture consisting of the Centres in a Region. The leaders of the Regional Councils organize meetings, coordinate activities and distribute information about the activities of a region.

Most of the Regional Councils have met before the Congress. But it is the wish of the different Regional Councils that there is also a meeting during the Congress. The meetings of the different Regional Councils of ITI are held at the same time, in parallel meetings: Friday, 21 July, xx to xx

The Regional Council meetings are open to the head of delegations of a region. Members of Centres and Cooperating Members of the region may attend. Additional to the head of delegation other members of a Centre or a Cooperating Members may attend. It is obvious that one should attend the meetings of one´s own region. Or, if the Centre is part of two regions (e.g. Arab Countries and Africa) one has to choose which one wants to attend or send another delegate to the other region.