The ITI Executive Council election will be one of the critical agendas during the General Assembly. The Executive Council is the strategic body of ITI. Members of the Executive Council are democratically elected by the majority of the General Assembly, and they represent ITI as a whole. According to the ITI Charter, the first function of the Executive Council is to "be responsible for the programme adopted by the General Assembly".

The primary process of the Executive Council election comes in 4 steps:
1) Open call for EC member candidacy (15 Sept. 2022);
2) Candidates of the ITI Centres submit their documents of candidature (deadline: 15 Dec. 2022);
3) Presentation of the Candidates occurs online in advance and on-site during the Congress (5 Jan. 2023);
4) Approved candidates are then voted on at the General Assembly by Delegates (23 Feb. 2023).

The election of Executive Council during the 36th ITI World Congress will happen on
Thursday, 23 February 2023,
9h00 - 12h00

>>Click here to read Open Call for ITI EC Candidatures
>>Click here to know more about the Rules & Guidelines for an Executive Council Member

The General Secretariat has sent the EC candidature application form and the Procedure of the EC election at the 36th Congress through the Special Letter for ITI Centres_Congress Related Message #2.
ITI Centres can follow the instructions in the letter and submit your candidates. If your Centre has not received the letter, please contact the ITI General Secretariat team congress(at)