The Special Edition of the General Assembly is conceived an online artistic exhibition of what the ITI Centres, ITI projects groups and partners of ITI are currently doing or planning. The exhibition is consisting of brief presentations of ITI Centres, ITI Committees, Forums and Networks and ITI Partner Organizations, as well as the keynote speeches. The whole can be watched by ITI members, friends and everybody who has an interest for it. It will be made available at first "live over Zoom on Facebook"; and after the event in a recorded form. Through this exhibition, ITI Centres, Committees, Forums, Networks and Partner Organizations of ITI can exchange information with each other as well as sharing their experience with the worldwide performing arts community.

The Goals of ITI for such a gathering online are strengthening the communication and dialogue, building up solidarity and encouraging each other at this particular period of the pandemic. ITI, the world's largest organization for the Performing Arts, is determined to take action and to demonstrate the power of the Performing Arts has for society, locally and globally.

We, act together! For empowering the performing arts and artists!