The International Theatre Institute ITI is delighted to unveil the much-anticipated 37th ITI World Congress. This landmark event is set to make history as the first-ever Congress spanning two dynamic countries: Antwerp, Belgium Flanders, and Den Bosch, The Netherlands. This Congress is funded by the City of Antwerp and Tourism Flanders, with support from DeSingel, Het Paleis, and Toneelhuis.

Themed "Embrace and Connect," the 37th ITI World Congress aspires to bring together performing arts enthusiasts from every corner of the world. It offers a distinct platform to forge connections and celebrate the transformative influence of the performing arts, in fostering global unity.

One of the primary highlights of the 37th ITI World Congress will be its integration with the local performing arts communities. The Congress will feature engagements like networking with local artists and festival directors, meet-and-greet sessions, dynamic showcases of local youth theatre, music, dance, and social projects, performances in local theatre venues, theatrical city walks, and more. Through engaging cultural activities and interactions with artists and cultural professionals local and worldwide, these initiatives will serve as excellent opportunities to foster connections and unity.

Stay tuned for forthcoming details to be unveiled in the coming months, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey at the 37th ITI World Congress in 2024!