This Summit will be one of the headline events of the 36th ITI World Congress.

Since the last ITI World Congress in Segovia (Spain, 2017), the world has been buffeted by trauma that would have seemed unimaginable back then. Viruses, conflicts, and climate catastrophes have wracked the world.

It seems we are living in a crucial time of profound social, economic, and cultural transformation. Being faced with a world in post-pandemic reconstruction, we must find a way for the Performing Arts and its associated disciplines to create practical answers to overcome these critical challenges.

Can the Performing Arts help to change the world, deepen mutual understanding, and build peace?

Can it make a tangible, meaningful difference in the lives of people facing poverty, climate change, war, or any other issue inherent to the 21st Century?

These are the issues the Summit of the 36th ITI World Congress will take. The members of ITI will go on a journey beyond platitudes to find concrete examples of things the Performing Arts can do to affect positive change in the world, where it can be part of a solution in which human values, the freedom to create, and peace are upheld.

ITI wishes participants to share best practices and reimagine possibilities as they show how the performing arts can be utilized to be 'More than Merely a Player' when tackling the issues of our time.

The Summit will include 4 Keynote speeches delivered by world-renowned figures in the Performing Arts and 4 Round-Tables led by ITI Committees who are stalwarts in their various fields. They will guide focused discussions and explore precisely how the Performing Arts help to change people's lives around the globe. Round-Tables will be punctuated by discussions led by luminaries from the World of the Performing Arts, who will give their thoughts and reflections on the selected topics.

ITI intends to cast the net wide and invite as many different perspectives as possible to express themselves freely.

Tuesday, 21 February 2023,
9h00 - 11h20 / 14h30 - 17h00

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