According to ITI Charter, the General Assembly has the "supreme authority in all matters regarding ITI". As a quick guide, here are some answers to FAQs;

  • Who are the main participants of the General Assembly?
    ITI Centres officially designate representatives.

  • How does the General Assembly do its work?
    By voting. Each ITI Centre has one vote. Attention: if one Centre fails to pay its annual contribution for 2 years or more, its voting right will be forfeited.

  • What kind of matters does the General Assembly determine?
    Important plans and policies of ITI, including discussing different reports, approving the accounts and budgets, electing the members of the Executive Council, etc. One of the key agendas of the General Assembly will be the Executive Council election.

In short, the General Assembly is the body and occasion to determine many vital issues of ITI. Besides the above mentioned, there will also be agendas like discussing and approving ITI Charter changes, Contribution Scale, International Projects, New Partner Organizations, Motions & Declarations, and much else besides. The General Secretariat will make a detailed schedule of the General Assembly, which will be approved by the Executive Council first and will be sent to all the Centres in advance.

The General Assembly agenda will be shared to all the Delegations of ITI Congress by 5 January 2023.

Wednesday, 22 February 2023,
9h00 - 12h00