The ITI World Congress is the main event at which members of the organization gather to exchange their professional experience, share their knowledge, and work on existing and new joint projects.

A significant aspect of an ITI World Congress is its function as a platform for delegates from around the globe. It is a platform that fosters an open atmosphere to speak with one another, find common ground for joint initiatives, and create momentum for an effective working relationship. It is this atmosphere of collaboration that makes a Congress so unique. It forms the lifeblood of ITI.

The 36th ITI World Congress will be the first on-site gathering since 2017, and it is essential to have the strong involvement of the ITI members to ensure a constructive and fruitful result.

In addition to the usual programme of democratic processes such as the General Assembly, the Committee Presentations, and so on, the Congress will now offer four new platforms specially dedicated to the Congress participants so they can tell what they have been doing as well as their plans and hopes for the future.

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